• As childhood neighbors, Alex Salsberg and Ellery Harrington were destined to make a website. When they were five, Ellery made a pretend computer out of a shoebox, and Alex drew pictures to go on the screen. After they blew a fuse by using a paperclip to “plug in” their homemade device, their families decided to get real computers. Not sure why they thought that was a good idea, but we’re glad they did.

  • At 8, Alex created the comic strip "Poke & Gravy," starring a purple porcupine and an orange turkey. Alex submitted samples of “Poke & Gravy” to almost a dozen newspaper syndicates, but for some reason, none wanted to do business with a 4th grader. Not wanting to deny the public his art, Alex enlisted Ellery, who by now was a young computer wiz, to bring Poke & Gravy to the internet. was born, and the webcomic ran online all for over ten years, running daily for four of those years. At least six of those comics are still kind of funny.

  • But Alex’s true love was animation, so at 18 he decided to study the medium at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For his first project, he threw together a silly, crudely-animated cartoon about public bathrooms. When he uploaded it online, something amazing happened. Millions of people watched and shared it. Alex started to receive emails from dozens of people wanting to hire him to make more cartoons. The realization that people would pay money for his cartoons was life-changing, and not wanting to spend any of that money on a new domain name, Alex launched his new company: PokeGravy Studios.

  • Today, grown-up Alex still works hard to fill this site with everything fun he's working on, including PokeGravy Studios client work, shorts and series he was an animator on, and original projects that he hopes you’ll love. And thankfully, grown-up Ellery still uses his computer genius skills to make sure you can see all of it.


  • Alex Salsberg

    Creative Director/Writer/Me

    Alex Salsberg is me, an animator, writer and educator! In addition to creating cartoons for a wide variety of companies and weirdos, I write and direct original work, teach young kids how to animate, teach college kids how to animate even better, bring artists together for conversations about creativity and mental health, and tell the world embarrassing stories on my podcast. And I'll probably say yes to the next really cool project too.

  • The work on this website couldn’t possibly exist without the help of so many other amazingly talented friends and colleagues, including the people below. If you love the stuff on this site, be sure to support them and check out their work too!

  • Ellery Harrington

    Website Developer

    Ellery has been the web designer for every iteration of that's ever existed, even during our shoebox days. Ellery currently works full-time on cool secret projects for Google, but he still finds time to help me keep this cool website up and running because I ask really nicely.

  • Adam J Salsberg

    Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer

    Adam is the Salsberg brother who somehow got both the musical genes and the cool genes. He helps me, the uncool brother, bring my visual work to life with sound, and he can magically translate my insane instructions into beautiful music. He composes, records and produces music from his studio in Chicago.

  • Harley Harrison

    Voice Actor/Co-host

    Harley is a crazy-talented NYC actor and entrepreneur whose voice you'll hear throughout this site, including as my podcast co-host. For every one minute of his dialogue I've had to edit out hours of us giggling because recording with him is too much fun. You can see him in movies and musicals, and also teaching your kid how to act at his very successful theater camp.

  • Carol Lee

    Website Developer/Consultant

    Carol came on board for this latest site re-design so it's no surprise that this site looks so awesome. She's an expert in code and business who has worked with several startups, so I'm lucky to have her as a trusted advisor. Carol is from a world where they actually use LinkedIn, so be sure to connect with her there!

  • Rob Lynch


    Rob is a Boston-area animator who has lent his skills to dozens of my projects over the past several years. I selfishly want him all to myself because he’s so good and reliable, but for real, you should ask Rob to work on your next project.

  • Alex Berry


    Alex is a fellow RIT alum, a trusted colleague and a great friend in the industry. Alex teamed up with me on much of my early work, and when he's not busy animating on video games he can be found helping me with a project, a pitcher of beer, or both.

  • Sarah Johnson


    Sarah is a master of charming and fun artwork who worked with me for a couple of years before getting in a covered wagon and heading to CA to storyboard on all your favorite Nickelodeon shows. She still finds time to create the occasional ridiculously well-animated scene for me!

  • Ben Sloane

    Voiceover Artist

    Ben is a Chicago actor and videographer whose uninhibited silliness has brought so many of my favorite PokeGravy characters to life. He usually records remotely and improvs a LOT, so receiving a sound file from him is like getting a gift on Christmas morning (or Chhhhhanukah evening)

  • Kelly Wilson

    Voiceover Artist

    Kelly is a voiceover artist out of Idaho who has lent her versatile voice to many PokeGravy narration tracks and characters. She is fun to work with and works fast. Plus, in my opinion, she does the funniest nerdy kid voices in the biz!

  • Amber May

    Voiceover Artist

    Amber is a reliable LA-based cartoon voiceover artist who prides herself in being practically a cartoon herself. She's been voice acting for over a decade for a variety of projects, including many for PokeGravy. Her "soccer mom” voice never ceases to make me laugh and I try to use it as much as possible.

  • Dean Wendt

    Voiceover Artist

    Dean is a prolific voiceover artist whose dulcet tones can be heard on many a PokeGravy Studios corporate explainer, and, unrelated to my work, coming out of Barney the Dinosaur's mouth.

  • Joe Andrade

    Writer/Background Artist

    Joe is my writing partner and the co-director/background artist on Class of 84. He's spent a decade in the corporate world but he's an artist at heart and I will never stop dragging him back into my world of creative madness to write scripts and draw cool BGs.

  • Alexandra Botti


    Alexandra is a talented radio producer with a unique background that includes linguistics, PR and dance. This makes her not only the coolest, but also someone I can trust to advise me on podcast creation, press and marketing, AND choreography for creepy cartoon dentists. Triple threat!

  • Sam Cleggett


    Sam is one of the most naturally gifted animators I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I give him a scene to animate and he sends back a MUCH more beautiful and/or interesting scene. He writes and draws comics too! Check out his work and hire him if you're smart.

  • Li-at Mascho


    Li-at is another fellow RIT alum who went on to become an LA-based motion graphics and dynamic typography wiz who has helped me out with those very things, among others. If you need something slick and awesome, she’s the artist for you!

  • Michelle Garcia


    Michelle Garcia in an animator out of LA whose talent at cleanup animation has taken many of my roughest, sketchiest drawings to beautiful polished glory. She's immensely talented and great to work with, so be sure to check out her work!

  • AniMAtic Boston


    Special shout-out to my AniMAtic Boston team: Mollie Davis, Carolyn Depp, Ian Connell, Mike Annear, Alex Berry, Greg Melo and Nick Canton, as well as former members Ben Chapin and Jon Catlin. They’ve done so much to help me bring an animation community to Boston and I hope you’ll support their art in return.

  • Goy Boy

    Shabbos Goy/Co-host

    Goy Boy is a mysterious li’l fella. Not much is known of his whereabouts or habits, but small bits of information can be gleaned from subscribing to the Not Uncut Podcast.