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  • Alex Salsberg is an animator, writer and teacher who loves telling stories, making people laugh, inspiring creativity within people of all ages, and building community around that creativity.

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My animation company, PokeGravy Studios, has helped people bring unique animated projects to life for over a decade.

PokeGravy Studios is not a large, faceless operation. When you choose to work with PokeGravy Studios, you work one-on-one with me as an artist, and I bring my specific vision and years of experience to every project.

On this end, I turn to my community of talented artists, sound designers and voice actors to assemble a team specifically tailored to the project at hand, and I direct that amazing team.

You get the power of hiring a larger studio combined with the personalized experience of working with an indie director. That’s how I’ve been able to proudly create for everyone, from large corporations and Grammy-winning musicians to mom-and-pop shops and indie bands.

If you like my work and need start-to-finish animation production (whether you know anything about the process or not) get in touch and tell me about your project!