• As childhood neighbors, Ellery Harrington and Alex Salsberg were destined to make a website. When they were five, Ellery made a pretend computer out of a shoebox, and Alex drew pictures to go on the screen. After blowing a fuse with their device's paperclip plug, they decided to stick with using actual computers.

  • At age 8, Alex created the comic strip "Poke & Gravy," starring a purple porcupine and an orange turkey. After his fourth grade attempt at Newspaper syndication failed, Alex enlisted Ellery, who by now was a young computer wiz, to bring P&G to the internet. was born, and the comic strip ran online for almost ten years.

  • At age 18, having experimented with animation for years, Alex decided to study the medium at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For his first project, he threw together a little cartoon about public bathrooms, and when he uploaded it online, something amazing happened. Not only did millions of viewers enjoy it, but people wanted to hire Alex to create more. The realization that people would pay for his cartoons was life-changing, and not wanting to spend any of that money on a new domain name, Alex launched PokeGravy Studios.

    Today, grown-up Alex still works hard to fill this site with everything fun he's working on, and grown-up Ellery still uses his computer genius skills to make sure you can see all of that fun.


Here are the talented people whose time and effort help make a success!

  • Alex Salsberg

    Founder/Creative Director/Me

    I'm me! I've been animating my whole life, and doing it professionally since college. I also teach animation and organize events for animators. I guess I like animation.
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  • Ellery Harrington

    Website Designer/Technical Guru

    Ellery has been the web designer for every iteration of that's ever existed. Ellery currently works full-time on cool secret projects for Google, but he still finds time to help me spread cartoon joy.

  • Adam Salsberg

    Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer

    Adam is the Salsberg brother who somehow got all the musical genes. He helps me bring my work to life with sound and can magically translate my insane instructions. He composes, produces and performs music out in Chicago, and is way cooler than me.
    Adam's Band
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  • Harley Harrison

    Voice Actor/Writing Partner

    Harley is a talented NYC actor and entrepreneur whose voice you'll hear throughout this site. For every one minute of his dialogue I've had to edit out hours of us laughing because recording with him is too much fun. You can see him in some movies and shows, and also teaching your kid how to act at Spotlight Productions, his very successful theater camp.
    Harley's Website

  • Carol Lee

    Website Designer/Software Engineer

    Carol came on board for this latest site re-design and knocked it out of the park. She's an expert in code and business who has worked with several startups, so I'm lucky to have her as a trusted advisor.
    Carol's LinkedIn

  • Rob Lynch


    Rob is an up-and-coming Boston animator whose skills have been integral to some of the big and cool projects I've done lately. I selfishly want him all to myself, but for real, you should ask him to work on your next project.
    Rob's Website
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I've been lucky enough to have these amazing people be a part of my projects over the years.

  • Alex Berry


    Alex Berry teamed up with me on much of my earlier work and I have him to thank for pushing me to the next level. He's spent years rising through the ranks on the awesome PBS show WordGirl, produced right here in Boston. He's an amazing talent who I look forward to collaborating with again!
    Alex's Twitter

  • Sarah Johnson


    Sarah Johnson is a master of charming and fun animation who worked with me for a couple of years. She's an incredibly hard worker, and she's currently proving that as a Nickelodeon board artist!
    Sarah's Website
    Sarah's Blog

  • Ben Sloane

    Voice Actor

    Ben Sloane is an NYC actor whose uninhibited silliness has brought so many of my favorite PokeGravy characters to life. He usually records remotely and improvs a lot, so receiving a sound file from him feels like Christmas morning.

  • Kelly Fin Andrews

    Voice Actor

    Kelly Fin Andrews is a professional voice actress out of Idaho who has lent her versatile voice to several PokeGravy narration tracks and characters. She is fun to work with and works fast. Plus, in my opinion, she does the best kid voices in the biz!
    Kelly's Website

  • Amber May

    Voice Actor

    Amber May is a reliable Virginia voice actress who prides herself in being practically a cartoon herself, which makes her awesome for cartoon voices. She's been voice acting for over a decade for a variety of projects, including many for PokeGravy.
    Amber's Website
    Amber's YouTube